How To: Decorate Your Home on a Budget

As winter is coming to an end and we get closer to spring you may already be planning on what themes and colours you want to use while decorating. Maybe you are struggling for ideas due to a limited budget, we have some ideas here that we hope will help.

It’s a common misconception that giving your home a new lease of life can cost a fortune. However, sometimes the simplest of interior design solutions can have the biggest impact on your house. Small decorating projects can quickly and simply freshen up your home, whilst being inexpensive.

Rethink What You Have

Sometimes the easiest way to give your furniture a new life is to simply re-arrange it. Moving furniture into different positions around your room can help you appreciate it in a way that you hadn’t previously. Moving your furniture allows you to see which pieces should be where, allowing you to play with the amount of floor space you have in your room.

Rearranging your furniture can help you realise when it’s time to get rid of tired pieces. Sometimes the only justification we have for not removing old furniture sooner is simply that we can’t imagine the room without it. However, maybe it’s finally time to lose that old, worn-out chair that has been collecting dust in your living room for the past 10 years. Rather than just throwing them away, try dropping them off at your local charity shop, or even listing them on eBay, to try and make yourself a bit of extra cash for future home refurbishments.

A tip to bear in mind when refurbishing your home is – Recover, Renew, Refresh & Restore! There are countless hacks online for restoring old pieces of furniture, our particular favourite is using metallic spray paint. Buy yourself a can of spray paint and the possibilities are endless. Whether you want to spray picture frames for a photo wall (we’ll get onto that later!) or upcycle old household items – that tin of beans only needs a spray of paint and suddenly you can create a stylish and contemporary plant pot.

Recycled Can Plant Pots

Another way to make use of what you already have is changing the handles on your kitchen cupboards, chest of drawers and wardrobes. All it takes is a screwdriver to remove the original handles and a multi-user spanner to attach the new ones. Handles are relatively cheap to buy – try eBay or your local DIY shop, where most handles go for less than £2 each. They come in a wide range of styles, whether you’re looking for a vintage ceramic type or sleek glass ones, it couldn’t be easier to make a piece of furniture your own.

It’s the Little Things

Do you remember when you moved out of your parents’ home? You finally had your own space and you wanted to add an element of ‘you’ to it. Cue fairy lights, Polaroid pictures on your walls and the most elaborate duvet cover you could think of. Whilst the university days may be in the past, the logic you had back then still stands – little changes can make a big difference.

Experimenting with soft furnishings can be one of the easiest and most effective ways to give your home an update. A way to add a pop of colour to your room is by experimenting with cushions. If chosen correctly, cushions can pull together all of the elements of a room, even giving you an accent colour to work with throughout the rest of your decoration process. If you still have the cushions that came with your sofa, get rid of them. Cushions are a great way to add both colour and texture to your lounge, so having the same ones that match your couch can blend straight in. Experimenting with cushions in your bedroom is a great way to add a touch of your personality to the room. If you have a plain duvet set, colourful cushions and a matching throw are a perfect way to add a sense of character to the room.

Adding Colour

Whilst re-painting or wallpapering a feature wall are great ways to create a centre piece to your room, there are also more creative ways. Creating a photo wall can increase the contemporary style that you may be going for in your home. There are even several ways to do it that allow you to experiment with different coloured, textured and sized frames. We all have personal photos that we love – whether that’s family ones from your childhood or snaps out with friends on a Saturday night. But truth is, most of them rarely go any further than a physical photo album or your digital library on your phone. Creating a photo wall allows you to bring these memories to the surface, for everyone to see in the home. You can try choosing the most ‘aesthetic’ picture but regardless of the image, once they’re all hung up on the wall in matching frames, they’ll look pretty clean and modern anyway. However, black and white is a classic colour scheme for modern homes so if you’re worried about what a pop of colour will do to your space, keep all your prints on the black and white scale, just to be sure. 

Photo wall Picture

Finishing Touches

Candles can be highly underrated when it comes to home décor. Yes, they can be practical in the sense that when the lights go out, they create light. But they can provide so many more benefits to your home, such as creating a romantic and relaxing atmosphere. Choosing a scent to suit you and your home allows you to be in control of how your home smells, allowing you to create a warmer and more welcoming environment. If you decide to decorate your home with scented candles, make sure to mix and match aromas that go well together. A perfect locations for candles are on coffee tables – incorporate hard-cover books, flower pots and other decorative accessories to create an eclectic style.

Adding some greenery to your room is a perfect way to breathe some life into any scheme. In particular, in an all-white room, plants can add a special hit of colour. As well as adding a pop of colour, real plants can add a bit of texture, as well as helping to clean the air. However, if the upkeep of real foliage isn’t for you, artificial plants can have many of the same benefits. Fake plans are practical – they’re great for allergy suffers and they’re ideal for if you’re not great at remembering to water, of if you’re out of the house a lot of the time – after all, it’s hard to kill a fake plant!

Hopefully this will give you some inspiration to get started. Why not share your own ideas below as we would love to hear them.