With only a few weeks to go until Christmas day, it's time to start feeling festive. If you usually struggle to get in the Christmas mood, we've got some top tips for you to dive headfirst into this holiday period.

Watch Christmas Movies

Movies are without a doubt one of the most iconic things about Christmas. From classics like White Christmas and A Christmas Carol to more modern-day films like Home Alone or The Grinch, there's bound to be a film for every family to get together to watch. What's even better is it's the perfect excuse for a hot chocolate while snuggling under your favourite throw and forgetting about the outside world.

Christmas Jumpers

Christmas Jumper Day

Jumpers these days come in all kinds of designs. There are classic Scandinavian style designs and more modern designs featuring the latest cartoon characters, flashy lights and sometimes even sounds. Why not get friends, family and colleagues involved and hold your own "Christmas Jumper Day" for fun or to raise money for worthy charities and help spread the festive cheer.

PCJ Supplies Christmas market stall

Almost every weekend in November and December have Christmas markets in various towns and cities across the UK. We were recently at Brocksbushes and had a fantastic weekend. They're perfect for getting unique gifts and with most major cities holding markets, they're ideal for discovering new areas. Without a doubt, the best thing about markets is the delicious food! It's usually when I start forgetting about my diet and saying "well, it is nearly Christmas...". Nothing says Christmas more than a Yorkshire pudding wrap with Turkey and all the trimmings.

Luxury Christmas Tree

Decorate the tree
Traditionally, Christmas trees were brought in on the 23rd or 24th of December however various religions have different dates. Some people like to put a lot of effort into their tree. Because of this, they like to get as much use out of it as they can. In our house, the tree usually goes up on the last weekend of November or first weekend of December. It all depends on when the 1st of December falls. Let us know in the comments below when you start to decorate your tree. Do you like to keep to one or two colours or does anything go?

Alaska Faux Fur Bedding Cream

Christmas Bedding & Pyjamas
There is no better feeling than getting into bed with fresh bed sheets and pyjamas. Pure bliss. Why not add a festive touch and get yourself a bedding set and pjs with a Christmas theme? I personally already have my winter bedding on as I'm always cold! I've purchased our new Alaska faux fur duvet cover. It's a struggle to get out of bed on a morning because I'm so cosy. It's oh so worth it. I also have a Catherine Lansfield fleece duvet from last year. All I need now is some new Christmas pj's and I'm all set! We'd love to hear if you've bought a Christmas duvet from us. Why not pop a picture of your favourite in the comments?

Gathering with Family & Friends
The most important thing at this time of year is spending time with your loved ones. Meeting up for a coffee and going for days out are my personal favourites. You can have a nice catch up while reminiscing on the previous year. Other ideas are family parties, going to the cinema to see this year's Christmas offerings, going to the pub for a couple of drinks or just visiting family and friends. Why not have a tea party at your house? Get some nice some good food and invite your loved ones round to relax. Make it more festive with a new table cloth or napkins for subtle but easy ways to decorate.

In the run-up to Christmas at PCJ Supplies, we get all of our new Christmas stock in and start listening to Christmas songs at the beginning of November. These help us get in the spirit while getting your orders out to you.

We hope these ideas help you get in the festive spirit. If there's anything you think we've missed that is a must at this time of year, pop it in the comments below. Keep checking our blog posts and website, not only for Christmas items but also gift ideas.