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Draught Excluders & Door Stops

This range was created to stop two big problems that often go overlooked and we are happy to say it prevents both with great success. Draughts and slamming doors are real problems. Firstly, draughts are chilling and unbearable at times and during the winter months when people are already ill with colds they can be a persistent pain. Thankfully draught excluders prove to be an easy solution and in this range we offer a huge selection of stylish draught excluders which will add to your homes décor as well as block out that unwanted cold breeze. Secondly whether the result of a draught or excitable child, a slamming door can be another unnecessary issue. Creating a loud bang, damaging the door and its frame and causing significant pain to anyone unlucky enough to find their fingers in its path, a slamming door is another avoidable problem. With this selection of door stops you should be free from this problem for a long time to come.

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